A Near Death Experience, No. 87.

Multiple NDEs.

I have had four NDEs, and really appreciate a place where there are NO money, $$ signs or selling.

My first was when I was born at home with no blood and the doctor transfused from my dad to me, and I went into the LIGHT and the LIGHT told me that I had agreed to endure this incarnation, so I must live.

My second one was from cancer of the cervix and I was floating above a 65 pound body, and then slowly realized it was my body. They were trying to revive me. I suddenly was in a LONG tinnel and at the end of this tunnel was an unconditional LOVE and a white light so bright, it should have hurt me to look.

Then I had a life review that put me in the PLACE of all the humans I had done good for or had hurt. I WAS THEM for that time, and felt as they felt. The LIGHT said "You must return, as your work is not finished." I was slammed back into my body like a car in reverse, and I cursed the doctors and nurse for bringing me back.


My third was in 1989, as I bled from a bad stomach biopsy and lost all but 1/8 of my blood. I was married at the time, and when out of my body, I saw my husband crying hysterically, and when I got into the LIGHT, I asked to return, as I felt he could not make it without me. At this time I felt I had a choice.

The 4th time was an allergy to medications in 1995, and I was swollen 3 times my size. This time when I got to the LIGHT, I saw the planetary hierarchy and the WAY souls are recycled. The recyclers are called by Edgar Cayce the Guardians, and by the Urantia book, the Midwayers.

Knowing only LIGHT can enter into LIGHT I seek the T-RUTH.



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