A Near Death Experience, No. 78.

Music of the Spheres.

I was attempting to "induce" an out-of-body experience through meditation, visualisation etc, however, I found myself travelling down the tunnel towards this white light, and then I was bathed in this light.

The feeling that emanated from this experience was one of complete unconditional, non-judgemental, totally accepting love. For all the different kinds of love there is, this was the most purest form. :) Anyway, I could feel myself gradually approaching the end of this white light, and was concerned if I passed across it I wouldn't be able to return, so I stopped and came back.

The next thing I heard as I lay there was this music. I remember calling out to my sister in the room next to me and asked her if she had the radio on, and she didn't, and then I asked her if she could hear some music, and she couldn't. It was quite late at night, so the neighbourhood was quiet. In any case, music here on earth that you and I listen to could not compare to this music and the feeling within the music.

It sounded like (I know this sounds ridiculous) a bass guitar, strumming chords in no particular order, and along with that was this beautiful, gorgeous choir of singing. That music is THE most beautiful music I have ever heard -- EVER! I felt especially flattered at the time that this music was just for me.

I remember searching for ages after that experience for music similar to the music that I heard, until years later I spoke with a mystic and she said the music I heard was referred to as the music of the spheres -- i.e. the angels singing. Truly divine. :)

This experience happened when I was about 15 years old. I'm now 23. :) I used to do a lot of meditating but I don't do so much now (actually none now), as I find when I meditate it unlocks the key between this plane and that! And some things that happen freak me out.

So I stopped meditating. There are advantages to meditating and the associated abilities that uncover themselves, however there's also things like ghosts materialising that scare me -- and I live alone so I can be especially frightened at night time by different things that happen (I don't like the dark -- childish I know! :(

:) Cat xo

("Spectrum Suite" by Steven Halpern is as close as it gets to the music of the spheres. Steven took a bad fall, and while unconscious heard the music. He wrote it down and it became an overnight hit.)


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