A Near Death Experience, No. 76.

Spinal Fluid Leak.

Hi, I wanted to share my story as I am not sure if this is a NDE or not. In my heart of hearts I know it is real and life changing.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with CSF leak. This is the leakage of the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds the brain. I was placed in the hospital on a Thursday morning and told that I was on the emergency surgery list. The doctors told me I was losing the spinal fluid rapidly and needed surgery to repair the hole in my skull. I was to have this surgery at 11:30 pm.

As I waited in the bed, I was given the usual pre-op and as two nurses where assisting, one was taking a blood sample from one arm as the other one was inserting an IV. Then I felt weird, and said to one nurse I am going to faint or something. She said "I haven't lost one yet." I said "well you have now" and then I was not in that bed.

I was instantly in a place of complete love and warmth. It was very bright, but I can't say what I was standing on. I was surrounded by people. These people I have come to call my light people as they had light instead of a face. They were around me in a circle, as if protecting me and they were in long white robes. I felt safe even though I didn't know them.

I saw in the distance my father who passed in 1991. The joy that filled me was overwhelming at seeing him again. I waved and he smiled and waved back. I attempted to go between two of the light people to go and see my dad. One put an arm out. Didn't say a word but I knew I was not permitted. I told him I loved him. And in an instant I was back in the hospital bed, sitting upright, arms outreaching, yelling OH God! over and over.

I have never in my life felt such fear as at that moment that I was back there. I heard the nurse saying "Blood pressure is back, color is coming, we have her back." I was so scared at being there in that bed at that point I couldn't even ask what happened. I did have the surgery about a half hour later. I know I was somewhere. I know it was real and it is in my memory like it just happened



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