A Near Death Experience, No. 68.

Siphoning Gas.

My experience can't EVEN compare to the one's I have read, but it is the closest I have come to a NDE.

I was 15 and living in the country. My friend needed to get home and had no gas, so I decided I would siphon some out of another vehicle. Well, I was going on what I had seen, and didn't know the right way to siphon gas.

I ended up breathing the stuff, and was laying on the ground gasping for breath. [Damn friend was too stupid to call 911]. I will leave out the boring details and the stomach pumping.

I remember losing the panicky feeling, and I felt the sun's warmth on me. I either wasn't gasping for breath anymore or I didn't feel it. I was the only one around in this "dream" and the sun felt so incredibly good and I felt very peaceful and content.

The old addage about your life passing before your eyes? I started seeing my past as if it were being played on a screen in front of me. It went very fast from one situation gone to another. I haven't thought about that in years -- the peaceful feeling was wonderful. The sun was beautiful.



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