A Near Death Experience, No. 66.

Spiritual Experience.

This is not a NDE but rather a spiritual experience. When I was about 15 yrs old in 1973, I watched the movie "The Exorcist". It completely bewildered me. Having been brought up in a strong catholic environment, and after talking to my friends, parents, etc. about the movie, I was lead to believe that there was indeed a "devil" that could possess your body and soul.

I couldn't sleep, lost my appetite, and could not concentrate on anything else except for the idea of "satan" coming and entering my body and soul. After 2 or 3 weeks of this, My strength started to deteriorate physically and mentally.

I was lying awake in bed, in the middle of the night, and was convinced that this was the night that satan was coming for me, because of my weakened situation. I can not emphasize enough how terrified I had become. I was actually trembling, waiting...

I, suddenly, got an undescribable urge to look at a picture of, The Blessed Virgin Mary, that I had upon my wall. The second my eyes made direct contact with Her eyes, I received the most beautiful experience of my life. An overwhelming sense of well being, cared for, secure, and complete loss of fear came over me in the form of a giant hug. It engulfed me so intensely that, as I type this out, my arms are full of goosebumps and eyes are tear filled. Although, I have been unable to replicate these spiritual feelings/emotions, and believe me, I have tried, I can still feel the tranquillity and joy of it today.

My loss of fear of satan stayed with me from that point on and I soon had a growing feeling/hunch that maybe there is no such thing as a devil.

Of course at that place and time of my life, mentioning that idea was not accepted at all and so I kept it to myself. Now, (41 yrs old), I now, unequivocally know, that there is no devil or satan, only total and unconditional love from an unimaginable source of love named God.

I can't keep quiet at all, now, about this fact. Sometimes I feel that this is one of my soul purposes in being here, to get that word out as much as I can, "DON'T LIVE IN FEAR OF MAN MADE IDEAS SUCH AS SATAN".

Shortly after leaving home, at 17 yrs old, I quit attending church. It just didn't seem whole/full to me any more. I tried other religious/belief organizations but always came up empty handed. I was about 25 yrs old when I first heard of a NDE. I immediately connected with it. Since then I have been reading and studying them whenever possible.

It brings such an inspirational and reassuring feeling. Why acquire guidance and spiritual teachings from someone that has gained their knowledge from another Human Being? Learn from someone that has died and actually gone there themselves! The simple message that so many NDEer's come back with is one that from within all my strength as a spiritual person believes in, "LOVE", "LOVE" and more "LOVE". So simple yet so beautiful!

Thank you so much, all you NDEers, for sharing your experiences with us. Unknowingly, You help so, so many people. I get the strongest feeling that someday I will be able to personally thank each and everyone of you individually for putting your personal lives in the open to share, with us, your beautiful stories of truth.I look forward to then.

Much Love: R.S.


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