A Near Death Experience, No. 65.


To be out of body, and then to choose whether to return or not, was in my case. Anyway I have since then learned that God, is just a word for All that Lives. The thing is what I have learned is to use my own mind to help other people with thought.

There is a secret garden around me, and in it I help people, three per day because it feels correct to do that. The garden is in the bubble around me, with a mirror on the outside so that I have spiritual peace from parts of God who may be negative.

I shine my energy from me, and that is giving. It is not just to the people in this dimension, but also to those who are alive in All dimensions. To receive good from God, means that you have to do good to God. Very simple, and thus I am not involved in religion, but have God in my heart, and that is all I had to do. Love and accept all as it is.

NDE did change my viewpoint on life, and to become free is to gain peace. Just a few things that I know and feel that it must be known. Anyway I do wish you a great life ahead, when you just help people in your secret garden three times a day. Lots I have written on it, but the best is to ask yourself, and use your own mind!

Lots of love from Y.


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