A Near Death Experience, No. 60.

What is death?

I was in my living room looking in the mirror, my right eye couldn't focus on my reflection, I kept blinking and blinking trying to get it to focus. I felt numbing going through the right side of my face leading to the top of my head. My breathing became short, and it was like there was no oxygen in the air, my chest squeezed tight; everything went black and I fell.

Two hours later I woke up. I broke the glass table I landed on with my back. I know God made sure no pieces went in my back. I thought I actually slept there all night. I thought to myself why would I sleep here on the floor? I then realized I had passed out. At the time I thought it was a lack of iron. I did not realize that I had a minor stroke.

Later, talking to doctors I realize it. When I was passed out it seemed like seconds, and then I woke up. I looked at the clock and noticed that I had been lying on the floor for two hours. I didn't go to the doctors at first because I figured I just passed out no big deal.

The second time this happened I felt it coming because my right eye seen only black. I could hardly run I was so weak. My heart was beating out of my chest, "really hard" and erratic. My breath was short and rapid. I jumped into bed and figured if I was going to pass out let it be in bed this time. I waited to pass out but my heart was beating so hard I thought it was really going to pop out of my chest. I listened to it as it went boom, boom then stopped all together; then it came back and beat really fast and hard then stopped again. This went on for like five minutes, more erratic heart beats till finally my heart stopped.

I didn't feel any pain anymore. No numbness. What was really weird, I didn't breath anymore. I just lay there thinking okay what now? I didn't realize that I was dead. When I landed on the bed, a pillow was halfway across one eye on my face and I tried to push it off because it was bothering me. I lifted my arm and noticed as I attempted to push the pillow off of my head my arm went right through it. I couldn't believe what had happened so I tried again. This time it really scared me. I lifted my head, which I thought, was my physical head up to try and escape dealing with this, and I saw my leg jump "my physical leg" from nerves. I felt the flesh get cold. Once in a while my whole physical flesh jerked and jumped.

Then I started to see through the walls. I could see through the pillow with both eyes "still thinking physical". I saw this small black image hovering over the pillow looking straight into my eyes; it kept looking in a eager and greedy way and I could hear what it was thinking. It was waiting for me to leave my body.

This figure reminded me of a half human and frog being, it stood like a frog. Its face was mutilated. Its eyes were so black you fell into them as you looked into them. I screamed at it I don't belong to you I belong to God! I belong to Jesus!! I finally realized I was dead. I started to cry but I felt no tears roll down my face. I just kept crying out I belong to you, God. I belong to you, Jesus! There was no response. My life passed by me as I layed there. I thought of all the times I sinned and all the times I was good which were very few.

I kept repeating these words: "I don't want to die". I waited for God to talk to me, but there was no response. The demon left my side after I mentioned Jesus' name, but Jesus did not come to get me. I was alone. I didn't see any tunnels. I guess because I refused to accept my death. I stopped saying I don't want to die and just cried. I cried so much that I went into a deep depression. My soul felt heavy on the bed. I knew at that point, I did not give my life to God after all. My life was all a lie.

I just thought to myself, I deserve to go to hell, I was a filthy sinner. I don't deserve to go to heaven. It came to a point where I just gave up. I didn't care anymore. I couldn't cry, because I was cried out, and God and Jesus had every right to ignore me because that's what I did to them all of my life. I knew, not only was, my flesh dead but so was my soul.

I was in total despair. I kept hearing my mom's voice say: "you have to really give your life to God." "You have to really except Jesus as your Lord and Savior." I didn't and it was too late. The last words I said were I deserve this. For, at least, it seemed like hours I lay there like a zombie. Then all of a sudden: these words came out of me. "Father why hast thou forsaken me"? Now let me make this clear, I never read the bible and never cared at all about what it said.

It was repeated one more time and I was just laying listening to this voice coming out of my souls mouth. My whole soul felt peace and love. Inside my physical stomach I felt a snap way deep down inside. A warm feeling ran through my body like electricity. I jumped out of bed and started running all over the house I knocked things over running for about 15 minutes. I kept saying thank you Jesus for having mercy on me…… Finally I stopped running and thought of what just happened? I knew it was the mercy of God that I was living again.

My heart felt brand new, its beat was soft and smooth. I looked at the clock to see how long I was dead and I was dead for about 1 hour. Maybe more. I am perfectly heathly to this day. I have given my life to Jesus …. I thank him for the gift of life he gave me on that day. My advice to you is: love is the answer. God is love.

I died when I was 21 in 1991 that was the day I truly gave my life to Jesus. I pray that this message will reach those who don't believe that there is a life after death. I pray that they hear these words not only in the flesh but in the spirit.

Thank you for your time and May God Bless you
With Peace and Love in Jesus' name Amen.


(What a beautiful NDE. No matter what the belief system or doctrine one holds to be true. It still comes out: "Love is the answer. God is Love.)


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