A Near Death Experience, No. 59.

Not My Time.

Hi, I believe I had a near death experience a few months ago.

While partying with some friends, I mixed a large amount of alcohol with illegal and prescription drugs. I wasn't consciously trying to kill myself, but I did come close. I went to pass out in a friend's washroom and I began having awful chest pains. It was almost as if my heart was going to explode.

Like other people who experience near death experiences, I did see a light and I wanted to go right for it. But a friend that had committed suicide in 1993 was there telling me I could't go yet. I remember begging her to stay. I've missed her for so long and everything just felt so right that night. I can't believe that I fought to die. Anyways, she kept repeating to me that my purpose was yet to come -- I had to stay alive to help another friend whom she identified.

Needless to say, I survived that night, but I'm still unsure as to what to make of it. My purpose as she described it to me is not yet complete. I don't feel like a different person other than the fact that having seen her again and having felt the power of the light or death or whatever it is, I want to be there more than ever, but every time I consider this possibilty, my friend's words haunt me: "It's not my time yet."



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