A Near Death Experience, No. 54.

Head-on Crash.

I was driving home to Maryland from New York where I had taken my mother's ashes to be buried. In Pennsylvania there was a driving rain storm. I slowed down but lost control of my car. I hydroplaned into the guardrail going 55 mph. If I had gone over, it would have been a 300 ft. drop. The car spun around and I was hit head-on by another car going 55.

At some point I remember my intelligence/spirit being to the right of my body and above the car looking at about a 45 degree angle through the roof. I remember thinking "Is this all there is to death?" I remember looking at my body and thinking that "it" wasn't me. My intelligence/spirit was me. I don't remember any voices or white lights like I have read about. I just remember incredible peace and being in a completely logical state. Some people think that this state is caused by disassociating yourself from what has happened. I know it is not. It is the part of the accident that I remember the most and if I was trying not to remember I sure would have forgotten this! I lost my identity with my body. I no longer identified with it. It was just flesh.

For some reason, I "snapped" back into my body and remember someone asking me if I was o.k. I now know without a doubt that dying is as easy as taking a breath or not taking one. There is no pain, just peace and freedom.



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