A Near Death Experience, No. 53.

Car Crash.

It was fifteen years ago that a drunk driver collided head on with the car that I was a passenger in. I broke the top two vertebrae in my neck and the doctor's kept telling me that it was most unusual that I was not dead or paralyzed.

I remember very well the moment after the impact, though the events leading up to it seem forever lost. I was definitely above my body and I could see through the roof of the car. My vision was altered though I could not truly explain how. I looked down at my body and was completely unconcerned. It was as if I were looking at my clothes that I had worn that day and recently discarded. I did not need it anymore. There was amazing peace.

Then I noticed my friend was there in the car and she was not breathing. I became anxious. I realized there was a presence behind me or beside me. I knew instantly that if I turned my attention away from the accident that I would never be able to help my friend. I remember pleading to this presence for help and the response was the most amazing I have ever felt.

It was complete love and complete concern for each one of us. I was amazed that it knew my name and knew everything about me. I was overwhelmed with the sense of care and love. I pleaded: "Anything if my friend lives. I will give you anything." The answer came so quickly and so firmly. "You will have to go back and help her." I decided yes immediately and was instantly thrust back into my body and I started screaming "Oh God! Oh God!" Over and over again. I must have been in shock.

My friend suffered severe nerve damage and I took care of her for about three years after. I felt that this was part of the bargain I had made. I remember too that this presence regarded me as a precious child. A little one with limited understanding. I remember it saying to me that it had the power to erase every pain and re-write history if it felt like. It was all powerful and all loving. I have no scientific proof for what happened to me, only that it changed me forever.



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