A Near Death Experience, No. 52.

God is Great.

I had my "experience" 6 1/2 years ago, four days prior to my 32nd birthday. I was alone at my office on a Saturday, April 3, 1993. I had experienced terrible headaches for about ten days. I was a trial attorney and I had just completed a major trial. I was drafting a brief for another, and preparing for five other trials in the next three months.

Without warning a blood vessel in my brain ruptured and I was flown by helicopter to Wash. D.C. Hosp. Ctr. in very critical condition. I lost conciousness in the helicopter and I was in a coma for five days.

All that I remember was suddenly being "transported" to a very peaceful place; a feeling of calm overcame me. Suddenly, in front of me, were four people who I knew had passed away over the last 14 years. They were all lined up in front of me, as if to welcome me, when a very calming male voice said "Go Back...it's not your time yet."

My next clear memory is almost 7 weeks later, when they took me off my anti-seizure medication. Since that day I have been unable to return to my practice, and many bad things have happened to me such as losing my career and my marriage, but all I have to do is think of that day and what was said to me by, I believe God, and I am suddenly calm, and unconcerned because I know where I am going and I know what's ahead of me.


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