A Near Death Experience, No. 51.

Wanted to Die.

I was really depressed. I did not want to live anymore.

One morning I felt something snap in the back of my head. I got really weak. My husband was driving me to the emergency room on a country road and I felt my spirit leaving my body. I was leaving this earth and it felt great I was glad to die. My spirit was getting up higher and higher. The trees were getting smaller and smaller and I was about to get into this dark tunnel and I was not afraid because I was getting my wish I wanted to die.

But then this thought came into my mind, who will feed my son (he is handicapped) and right at this moment my spirit came right back into my body in the car where I was sitting.

At the hospital they took a scan of my brain and could not see nothing. I was really weak for a few weeks and finally got my strength back.

I shared my experienced with a counselor and she said it was psychosomatic. To me it was real.



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