A Near Death Experience, No. 50.


(Interesting experience. But dangerous, don't attempt this.)

I was so glad to find your NDE pages. It has helped to explain something that happened to me when I was 10 years old.

I was playing in our backyard with 3 friends and 2 of my sisters. We would make each other faint, by inhailing ten times until we hyperventilated, then one of the other persons would wrap their arms around the body and squeeze as hard as they could until we would pass out.

When my time came, I did all the usual things. Except when I passed out, I found myself in (at the time, I thought it was a cave, with a light at the other end of it). I remember being so happy to be there, I was not afraid, it was so cool. (That day was very hot). I do remember that I was very curious about that light.

As I stood there, cool, happy, comfortable; I noticed that the light was dim were I stood and got brighter the farther off. For some reason even though I was curious about it, I did not walk to it. I remember hearing something, but I can not remember what it was.

Think I will keep the rest to myself. But I will say I have had a few wonderful spiritual things happen to me as I grew older. God and Jesus are very much there. I know I will see them when I pass away.



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