A Near Death Experience, No. 46.

While Sleeping.

Leroy, Hi! I'm finally getting a chance to email you my nde. As I briefly told you in my other email it happened while I was sleeping. I wasn't sick or injured or anything.

I was having a dream that I was supervising my class on the playground. I'm a teacher. But it wasn't our playground and I didn't know the children. It wasn't any playground I had seen before. Very quickly, I left the playground and was on my bed laying down. I remember thinking how did I get here. As I thought that, my feet started to lift up off the bed, then my head and eventually my whole body was floating and rising. I was weirded out at first then liked it and felt really happy and thought it was fun.

As I began to wonder what was going on I realized and said to myself "Hey I'm dying." I answered my own question. I now recall a figure being with me. I remember it being at the righthand foot of the bed. That memory came recently. As I realized I was dying I went into a dark area which quickly turned into a tunnel. I began to move up it very quickly.

I was moving at a lefthand angle. There were lights spinning around me as I ascended. At the end of the tunnel there was a very bright light. It got bigger as I got closer to it. I felt very happy, very light and had a cool feeling about me. It was like being in cool water. I knew I was a light also. There was some kind of music or sound as I ascended.

About 1/2 way up I stopped. I started to feel like I wasn't ready to go. Strong thoughts of my husband came. I was upset because he didn't know I was going. I didn't like leaving without telling him. As I thought about him I saw him and felt that I couldn't go because he still needed me.

At the same time I thought about how much I liked being there and how nice it would be to stay. I thought of a soulfriend of mine and if I stayed my spirit could visit him or others anytime I wanted to. I felt very safe like I was home. That was me, not my earth self. I didn't want to leave. I felt complete peace and love.

The thoughts of my husband were very strong and were pulling me downwards. Just like that I woke up in my bed. I was crying and very disoriented. Everything felt and seemed foreign to me. My body felt heavy and awkward, but I still had the cool, light sensation. It took about an hour for that to go away. I cried for at least an hour. I was sobbing and had no idea why. I didn't like the weight of my body or how hard and odd things seemed. Everything that was familiar before wasn't.

I had to readjust to being back in my body and on earth. It took a long time for me to do that. Everything was different. I felt different. Slowly my view on life and love has changed. I feel like I am evolving everyday.

My beliefs on religion have changed. I now believe everything is about love. That God is love. We all are. We are here to learn this and to help other people to learn this. I could go on and on. It's hard to put into words. Words don't describe well enough. It's all about feelings.

Thanks for giving me and other people the opportunity to share these very unique experiences. It has helped me and has comforted me. All I hope is that I am doing the same for people in this life.

Have a Glorious day!!!

K. :)


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