A Near Death Experience, No. 40.

NDEs and a Vision.

The experiences started when I was 12-13 years old and continued until I was 28 years old, ending with a real vision. I used to stop breathing at night shortly after settling in bed. Probably sleep apnea, plus I had what I thought was a mild case of asthma. My mother had died about a year before, I was in a sense, grieving. It all together has changed my life.

My first experience, I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. Suddenly I realized I could not breathe, my whole body felt like it went into instant paralysis. I tried to move and bang the wall and scream for help, to no avail. No voice, no movement or feeling. I then felt myself raising into the air, the ceiling getting closer, and I peered down for a moment, seeing my body just helplessly laying there in bed.

I arose fast through the dark sky to a bright light. When I got there, I saw others' spirits. I was rising so fast, I passed them on the way up. I saw each and every one of their faces, people I did not know. I came to what seemed like a path, leading to some kind of structure in the distance. I then slowed right down, to a very slow pace, and watched the spirits of the others I passed earlier, pass me by, going in through a gate in the structure. I came close to the humongous structure, which was very beautiful. The walls were very high and long. Everywhere was very well lit up, the light emanating from inside the structure, to the outside for some distance. But there was no sun, no moon or stars. It was so bright everywhere, it did not cast any shadows. The base of the wall had numerous shiny and beautiful gemstones.

I stopped at the gate, taking notice of it. It was huge, as high as was wide, and completely made of the most purest, whitist pearl. I'd never seen anything so bright here on earth. At the doorway, I saw inside by the doorway, the floor was clear like glass, yet could not see through it. Then as I looked up. I saw the Guardian Angel of the gate. I didn't want to die, and I tried to cry, but it would not come out of me. I was scared of dying. It seems as the angel understood. I had thought of my father and sister who would be left behind. She smiled, and pointed back in the direction from which I came. As soon as I looked that way, I felt relieved, and very peacefully happy, and returned back to my body faster than I'd come up.

Upon returning to my body, I gasped for air, choking. It wasn't until years later, I started reading the bible, that I figured out that where I'd been, was to Heaven. What I saw, is written in Revelations chapter 21. But I did not go directly into the structure.

The following 15 years, I had many more, I lost count. But I didn't see Heaven again, just tunnels with lights at the end. I just fought hard for my body to breathe again. I didn't want to die. They ended in 1993, with a vision. It was confirmed to me to be real. It was morning, and I was laying in bed.

When it started, I could see myself walking on a street in my home town with my father. Then all of a sudden, there was such loud peals of thunder as I've never heard before in my life. Then the whole sky, clouds and all, parted wide open. A bright light appeared, such as I'd never seen in my life -- like looking into the sun, at close range, but white. I started to hear music, as like harps, trumpets, and singing. I was so excited, I was shouting happily that Jesus was here! It was Judgement Day!

Then I saw something that bothered me, even to this day. People were running away scared, gathering their valuables and hiding! I turned my attention back upwards to the west in the sky (the direction from which He came). I saw the spirits of many of the dead rise into the sky. Then in a moment, I arose into the sky with some of the other living people. I first saw my mother, who had been deceased for 16 years. Everyone had a renewed perfect and healthy body. Then I saw Him. Jesus. He sat on a great throne, dressed in a gown that shone like white light. I did not see his face. But I saw His hands and feet. They were pierced, each with a hole, from the cross where He was crucified.

Being up there, I gained an overwhelming feeling of Peace and Happiness and Love, such as I'd never felt in my lifetime. The feeling is uncomprehendable to describe. All who were in the air proceeded to follow Him towards Heaven.

The vision ended there, but not my overwhelmed feeling of Peace and Happiness. It stayed for weeks, afterward. It was after this, that I bought a Bible and started reading it. I really feel sadness for those who do not believe in Jesus. They will be left behind for Armageddon. He really does exist. I believe what I have seen is what is to come. I look forward to the day when He returns.

I have not had near-death experiences since I started using an inhaler for asthma. Neither have I had any further visions. These experiences were the most beautiful things to ever have happen to me. I believe also that He may have given me this vision in time of trouble. At the time, I was married to a very abusive man who was so psycho, that he attempted to murder me and my child, two years prior to this vision. I don't know if it was right by His eyes, but I divorced that man. I could not live in fear of my life.

P.S. I have asked for His forgiveness reguarding the divorce, in case it was wrong under my circumstances. I still live with my permanent injuries, which will affect me for the rest of my life.



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