A Near Death Experience, No. 31.

Heart Stopped.

My near death experiences that just occurred on December 4, 1998, involved three different instances, where my heart was "flat-lined," and where the 911 Med-Techs where trying to decide if they should take me to the hospital or just directly to a mortuary.

All of these experiences gave me a deeper understanding of what "love" really is. Specificially, I found it to be a very tangible, touchable thing, not just a feeling.

I still have this understanding with me, as if love is a thickness in the air, or a cloud that fills space in rooms, and around people, as well as animals.

At the hospital, I was out of my body while the doctors and nurses tried to revive me. As I watched all of this, there was dimension and texture to where I was, and what was going on. By the way, the room was literally filled wall-to-wall with people in white. Some that I knew, some that I had a faint recollection of, as in a pre-mortal existance.

I'm regaining my strength now, I'm really drained, but am home with my wife Susan, who called the paramedics.

As far as religious affiliations, I'm a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The reason I mention this, is the fact that these experiences have increased my compassion and understanding that God loves ALL of his children equally, not just those of my faith.

He may not like some of our actions, but his love is unconditional. How thankful I am to be alive, for myself, my family. (We have two sets of twins, ages 10 and 8. Three boys, one daughter.) In fact my daughter, who is 10, had a very detailed dream about my experience, even before she knew I was ill.

Best of everything.

Sincerely, W. M. B.


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