A Near Death Experience, No. 305.

Beautiful Lucid Dream

My grandmother "passed away" a few years ago at the great age of 93.

Sadly, the last thirteen or so years of her life were spent in aged care because she had dementia. At the time of her death she had deteriorated mentally to the point where she no longer even recognised her own daughter. Every task had to be performed for her and it was a merciful release when she "went".

My nana had always been a fastidious woman. Her house was always immaculate. My grandparents had been hairdressers and nana's hair ALWAYS looked perfectly styled. She did not like anyone touching her hair and would have been appalled at the state of it towards the end of her life. The caregivers in her hospice washed and combed her hair down flat -- nothing like she would have done it.

The last time I saw her alive she was a shrunken little old lady with slicked down hair and eyes that no longer recognised anything or anyone around her any more.

I received a phone call to say she was dying and it would only be a short time. I visited her at the hospital and took my baby daughter to visit her. I put my little one's hand into her great grandmother's poor old hand. They had never really known each other. I went home to wait.

On the Friday night I had a most vivid dream. I was standing at my kitchen sink and looking into it at a piece of steak. Meat! I thought to myself. No! MEET I discerned in my mind, MEET; someone is here to meet you! In the dream I became aware of someone behind me: an old woman. I turned around and there was my nana. But what a change! I looked at her face and into her eyes -- they were bright and intelligent just like the old days. She did not need her glasses either. And her hair: magnificent! Styled just so! as nana would have done herself!

Her garment was just a light shift and I could not see her legs. She looked at me with love and we embraced. It was so real! She said: "I have come to say goodbye, I love you and look after the children". I said "I love you too". Then she was gone. I woke up with tears running from my eyes. It was 4:00 am.

Next day was Saturday. On the Sunday my grandmother died. Free at last. I treasure our last hug and know that I will see her again one day.



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