A Near Death Experience, No. 303.

Down a Golden River

Although I had been rushed into casualty a few days before I didn't realise just how desperately ill I was until THE NIGHT.

I was on a golden boat sailing down a golden river, everything was so peaceful and beautiful, I never wanted it to end. It would be impossible to describe fully the feeling of peace and tranquility.

Then a voice said "Margaret, you must get off the boat, people need you, you have work to do."

I didn't want to get off the boat but the voice said "It is not your time, people are depending on you."

Reluctantly I got off the boat and in the following weeks I made a full recovery. This experience will stay with me forever -- despite all my efforts I have never been able to recreate this.

I recently lost my husband, my soul mate, and I take great comfort from imagining him on the golden river waiting until it is time for me to join him.

I hope my experience will provide some comfort to those struggling to cope with a loss.



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