A Near Death Experience, No. 294.

First Time Pregnant.

When I was pregnant for the very first time, I had an out of body experience, in which I was feeling a burning sensation from the tips of my toes, up to my belly. I told my twin I wasn't feeling well, for some reason or another.

I proceeded to eat, after the birth, and that is when I passed out, according to my twin sister.

Then after that, is when I was surrounded by the most brightest light, all around me. I was still able to yell and talk to whomever was there, but they did not answer me back.

I also recall following my twin from one room to another, but don't recall going through a wall, but yet I was above looking down. I also recall looking down at my body, and seeing everyone working on me. I guess that tells me that there is life after death, but God chooses if you stay or go.

I was sent back to care for a newborn, and it wasn't my time yet, according to God.



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