A Near Death Experience, No. 293.

Major Seizure.

I had a very surprising thing happen to me. I had a seizure for the first time. I couldn't form an intelligent sentence. They took me to the hospital by ambulance. In route, I had a major seizure, lost consciousness and quit breathing. They then kept me unconscious for about three days. They operated and removed a golf ball size tumor, a meningioma. It was benign and I am doing fine. I feel differently though.

I talked to my favorite doctor and he remarked that I seemed different, happier. He knew of the circumstances and stated that people who had near death experiences were more compassionate. I stated that I didn't have a near death experience. He replied that I had but I just wasn't aware of it. Is that possible. Has it happened to anyone else?


(Yes, many people have remembered their near death experience, months, even years after their injuries.)


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