A Near Death Experience, No. 292.

Poetry in NDE.

I come tired and thirsty.
I'm new to your world, like a new calf out of the stall!
You probably don't know me at all.
I haven't been about many people since 12-21-07,
and if ever I knew you before this date,
well...it's a whole new ball game now, so to speak.

NDE changed me from the inside out...
like I were literally puckered completely inside-out.
And should you be wondering...YES...it hurts,
and YES...one HAS to DIE. Flat line.
Lose life and bodily function.
If I had a chance to do it over again, would I?
In a heart beat. Before my next wink or swallow.
Leaving my dead and lifeless body, was the LIFE!

There's no mistakes, only a constant flow.
Please say hi, and let's meet, so to speak.
I'm new here. I'm a stranger.
I'm not of this world, I'm just passing through.
If a chord has been struck with you...
let it come to mean something.



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