A Near Death Experience, No. 291.

Auto Accident.

In 2003, my husband and I were in an auto accident that almost took our lives.

All I can remember is (and I was reluctant to tell anyone for fear they'd think I was crazy) I was enveloped in an bright light, so serene. For the first time I had EVER felt it, it was pure "JOY"! I felt loved and warm on a very cool day.

Knowing instantly what I was experiencing. But I just knew that my husband had died with me, I thought we would be together and be lucky that we would have left that way. When I heard my husband call my name, and the urgency in his voice was tear-jerking, I knew we were separated. I just kept thinking,"I have to go back, I can't let him hurt like that!" I felt myself being pulled back like a vacuum.

What's so strange is that a psychic had told me before that I would be in an accident but I thought that "I" would be driving and in my car, not his. The NDE comforted me as I was always afraid of dying and especially alone. But I never was alone not even for 1 second! It has changed me and gave both myself and my husband a reason to stop our fears.

Though I still have problems about before I die (how I will die) I no longer fear death.



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