A Near Death Experience, No. 290.

NDE from MS.

Dear Leroy,

Hi! Thank you so much for emailing me today! I'm blessed and pleased to have "found" your wonderful Web site. It is helping me a great deal to understand, and come to terms with what happened to me on 12/21/07.

I have been a backsliding Christian for many years, but this NDE has changed me, built-up the strength of my beliefs. My brother who died on 9/10/07 was right there by my side! I didn't see him, but I KNEW he was next to me. I've had multiple sclerosis for 26 years.

I was having seizures and convulsions for 1 hour, 43 minutes. I was experiencing renal failure due to the unlevel fluid balance in my brain. It has taken many, many days for me to recover, I'm still suffering the after-effects this NDE have saddled me with. Severe speech impairment, which was affected in a small way by the MS 26 years ago, but the speech center was definitely hit this time around.

I'm sorry that I'm so new to the board that I can't even post a message yet, without tangling it up and posting BLANKS!

I'm VERY happy to be here, and I'll do my best to learn quickly how to function on your message board.

Happy New Year, and GOD bless you!



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