A Near Death Experience, No. 29.

Feeling Weird.

Hi, I hope somebody can help me out here.

Over a year ago I had a car accident and was dead for a few minutes. In those few minutes I learned more than I have in a life time. Opposed to what everybody might think, this changed my life forever, but a lot of the changes have been negative, not because of the experience but because of me.

For three months after the accident I didn't want to deal with my NDE. Then I had to admit to myself that it happened. That's when nothing seemed to be really important in life compared to what I'd seen and learned. I became really aloof, what my friends do seems really shallow, school lost its importance and so did work.

For months I was a recluse in my house doing nothing but thinking. Then finally my friends couldn't have any of it anymore so I started slowly hanging out with them. I still have no patience with them when they become shallow.

I got in a lot of financial trouble for not working as much as I needed and I'm still feeling weird about life itself. Nothing really "fits" in my life anymore. If somebody can help me or give me any kind of advice to improve and fight my "death wish" please drop me a line .

(This is a good example of the disorientation felt after a NDE. It is not easy to live in the physical after seeing the Greater Reality.)


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