A Near Death Experience, No. 289.

Suicide NDE.

I'm 28 years old and the last 4 years of my life have been a complete struggle. I have been abused several times, faced a lot of rejection, eating disorders and depression. I had made several suicide attempts when I was younger, but failed due to lack of knowledge.

This year on the 2nd of November my boyfriend who I was madly in love with broke up with me. Unable to handle the pain from yet another rejection I took a bottle of vodka to the freeway. I sat on the side of the road drinking my sorrow and watching the cars go by. After I almost completed the bottle I felt a complete coldness and fear close in on me. I then felt myself separate from my body as I turned to see myself unconscious on the ground.

The darkness and fear closed over me, I cannot describe the intensity of the fear when from somewhere I heard a voice say "it's time." I knew at that point I was dying. I began to panic. Not because I was dying but because I knew I wasn't going to heaven. I was going somewhere dark and lonely. Through the darkness and fear I could just see a tiny bit of blue sky through the trees and I called out to Jesus. It was at that point the darkness and fear lifted and I was joined back with my body. There was no white lights or lake of fire and I don't know if this is what other peoples NDE's are like, but I just wanted to share mine with you. -- B.

(I am glad you shared your experience with us, please know you are loved by God.)

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