A Near Death Experience, No. 288.

Very Bad Accident.

In 2003 my husband and I were in a very bad accident. A car hit us doing more than the 67 mph she told the cop. She hit on my side and we were in a small RX7 convertible. I felt like I was being pulled up by unseen hands and felt something I had never felt before,"PURE JOY", I thought my husband didn't make it either so I was okay with this until I heard him calling my name and he sounded so scared. I knew I couldn't leave him. Then I felt like I was slipping down and immediately felt the pain of the accident.

I had a severly crushed right arm, and was black and blue all up and down my right side. The paramedics had to pry my body from the seat. I was in the hospital for a week. I know where I went. I'd never felt that feeling before or since. I feel my job here is to make sure my husband goes to Heaven with me. But I also needed to know there was a wonderful life after death, so I wouldn't be so scared. Thanks for letting me share my experience. -- A.J.


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