A Near Death Experience, No. 286.

Lucid Dreaming.

My mom passed away some time ago and it was rough, as it would be for anyone. After the funeral, she was cremated. I am the oldest child of three, so it was decided that I would take mom's cremains. My sister and brother thought I was kind of losing it because I held onto them for nearly 2 years.

I still cried myself to sleep many nights missing her. One night, I had an amazing dream. I was standing at the end of a tarmac with a long red narrow carpet leading to an airplane. I was standing at the far end of the carpet facing and watching the plane as the door opened. My mom came off the plane, walking and wearing a little "Jackie-O" suit with a pillbox hat. She began walking toward me with a huge smile on her face her arms outstretched. I ran to her, so happy that she was walking, as she had MS when she passed and was unable to walk at all. She was radiantly beautiful and said that I needed to stop my grieving and that she was fine. I can't express in words the comfort and love I felt coming from her. That night was the last night I cried from grief.

I know that this was real and the memory of it comforts me to this day. Thanks for listening. -- S.


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