A Near Death Experience, No. 285.

Out of Body at Eight.

I had an OBE when I was about 8 yrs old. It wasn't an intentional event, it just kind of happened.

My dad was a pretty strict disciplinarian and it was physical as well as emotional. My sister and I shared a bed. One night I had done something that had made him angry and he sent me to bed crying and a little sore from my punishment. I was thinking how much I hated him for hitting me all the time and how I just wanted to die so I couldn't get hit anymore.

All of a sudden, I was floating, above me. I floated to the ceiling and turned around facing myself. I looked at my sister and called to her. She didn't respond. I floated down and touched her cheek so she could see this unbelieveable thing happening to me, but she didn't budge. I then realized the form laying next to her was me, so I tried to wake me up. I couldn't get 'me' to move.

The floating was great and all, but I got a little panicky because I didn't know how to get back into my body. As I hovered above myself, I reached my hands down to find an opening to get back in. I remember thinking that if I couldn't get back in my body, then maybe I was dead. That made me reach toward my upper body, I don't know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew that I got out, so there had to be a way back in. As I touched my head, I literally felt like I was being sucked back into my body through my head. It was the back of my head at the base of my skull.

At the time, I was afraid to tell anyone because it sounded too incredible to be true. To this day, there have only been a few people that I shared this with. I should say, until today. -- S.


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