A Near Death Experience, No. 28.

Fell from Golf Cart.

November 29, 1997

I fell from a golf cart and hit my head. I was in a coma for seventeen days. I don't remember anything about the accident or anything right before and right after the accident.

The only recall I have was seeing my father who had died 12/31/96. He told me that I couldn't come with him. I then saw my grandfather and uncle. They were all so happy to see me but they all said I couldn't stay with them. They said that my mother needed me with her and that I had to go back and take care of her.

I remember seeing a very bright light behind my Dad, Grandfather and Uncle. I kissed and hugged them. They wept but were happy that I was going back to be with my mom.

One of my first memories I recall when I awoke from the coma was suddenly realizing that my father had died and that I had died too but that he sent me back to take care of my Mom.


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