A Near Death Experience, No. 277.

How I Remember.

Well this is how I remember my near death experience.

I was 17 at the time and was going to school full time, going to work close to full time, and had to deal whith my parents' divorce through all of this. I would have to say this was one of the hardest time periods of my life so far. Depressed, not eating, and basically having no time for myself due to the emotional stress from my parents divorce, I felt worthless and alone in this world just EMPTY.

One day after coming home from school and work I put on some music and layed down to sleep really weak, after not sleeping the night before or eating the whole day. (The fact that I wouldn't sleep most of the nights was because I would stay up and listen to my parents downstairs to see if I would have to break them up from any physical confrontations).

As I began to listen to the music, I slowly began to sink into this really comfortable state of relaxation. When all of a sudden it was as if I was in this "void" with nothing around me but pitch black. I started to panic and got really worked up cause I felt like I couldn't move anywhere (a feeling like you have a million tons on you) or see anything.

I started yelling for help when all of a sudden I was sucked into this tube going faster than the speed of light. When I finally stopped I saw my life pass before me. It was TERRIBLE! I saw everything I ever did and how it had affected others. I actually felt the hurt I had caused others, but it was like a 1,000,000,000x intense, and trust me it was pure hell!!!!!!!

After I saw my life review I was pulled closer to God. At one point God and I were ONE!!! And the pure unconditional love He gave me was pure ecstacy (I was exploding with love!!!!). The next thing I remember was being given this block of knowledge of everything. I like to say block of knowledge cause it came all at once to me unlike on earth we have to accumulate what small knowledge we do have little by little. (My thinking was a lot more clearer now and not "polluted") I was soon near my body again looking at it knowing that if I were to leave it now that would be totally acceptable and I would be fine, but that my body would decay and I would not be able to come back.

When all of a sudden I thought of my mother, I was immediately downstairs (I used to live on the second floor) in the hallway seeing my mother sleeping in her bed. I had this sense that she still needed me in this life to help her spiritually progress. There was not time like there is on earth but instead the present, past and future were all together simultaneously. During all this I had noticed that I was a brilliant light and that I could go anywhere and be with anyone just so long as I thought about them. I too at this time noticed that all humans are connected to each other, in the sense that each and every one of us affect the whole through thought, words, deeds, etc.

Shortly I was back at my body again looking at it, when all of a sudden I felt this vacuum pull me back through my head into my body. Wow was my body freezing! -- P.


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