A Near Death Experience, No. 276.

My Experience.

Hi everybody,

I'd like to tell you about the following experience I had:

It was in April 1995, it was a very beautiful sunny spring day, it was nice and warm, the sky was blue and all kinds of plants and trees were blossoming. Nature looked beautiful. I was together with my mother in the hospital, visiting my grandmother. My grandmother was dying. Now, my grandmother had during her life often been a very negative person, but now as she lay there in her hospital bed, smiling so sweet and beautiful and lovingly as we never had seen her.

As we sat there a nurse came in, and suddenly in a short moment, I fell in love with this nurse. Immediately I got very mad with myself, considering it highly inappropriate, even a blasphemy, to fall in love with a nurse while sitting next to my dying grandmother. But then I got something of a vision, or some kind of strange awareness. All these things, the beautiful weather and blossoming nature, my sweetly smiling, dying grandmother, and me falling in love with this nurse, seemed in that moment part of the same perfectly natural logic. There was nothing contradictory in it, no struggle, no judgement. Just perfect logic, peace and love. Then I saw the flow of Life, a sparkling river flowing on and on forever, peacefully, lovingly. It was as if I could decide to step into this flow and drift along with it, or just stand beside it and watch it flow. And again there was no judgement in that.

It was one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had. A few hours later my grandmother passed away. Afterwards I've never felt any guilt about falling in love with that nurse.

Love and peace, J.

(What a wonderful vision you experienced, I am guessing, but I think you saw what your grandmother saw, what was making her so peaceful. Love.)


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