A Near Death Experience, No. 257.

Simulated Near Death Experience.

Just want to say, that I have found reading up on some of these near death experiences very interesting and also comforting for me, as I lost my husband a couple of years ago to terminal cancer. It has also made me realize that some of my own experiences I have had are real and not figments of imagination.

On the last day of his life, my late husband seemed different, and it was almost as if there was a light of the beyond already in his eyes. Hard to describe it.

I remember smelling Baby powder as well, and he smiled and said that must be Michelle. Michelle was his daughter to his first marriage who died at about 10 months of age from some kind of breathing aspiration difficulties during the night when he and his then wife at the time were asleep. They used Baby Powder on her, and that is what I smelt in the lounge that day.

I have had some other strange experiences since his death in the form of OBE's and also ADC's. What also comes accross in this site is the fact that you do not need to be actually dying to experience a near death experience, or a similiarity to a near death experience that it is still more than an ordinary OBE in a way. One sort of just has a feeling about it and sort of knows the difference. I feel I may have had what I feel is a simulated near death experience.

What we must realize is that reading about these experiences and also sharing our own is not a quick fix solution to all our problems, but does give one hope and also a will to try and do better in life. One does not need to die to have a life review. At the end of each day, one can get into the habit of taking even just 10 - 20 mins to reflect on one's day and ask oneself "How did I do today?" Did I make a difference in anyway? Did I try hard enough to be more understanding and less critical of others, and so forth. This in a way also helps to prepare us for the main life review that comes at the end of each and everyone's physical life on earth. Well I guess that is it for the moment, and I will be back to share some more.

Take care and God Bless.



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