A Near Death Experience, No. 254.

Flew Out a Window.

When my son (who is 23 now) was only 10-months-old he had an experance he has never forgotten. This is the story he told me when he was about 3 years old.

I'm his mom, I played softball, I had been working, and just picked him up at the sitters, went home, jumped into the tub with him and my daughter, because we were in a hurry to get to the ball games. My son was wet. My mom had dressed him, and he was set in the floor to play. Well, he got against an old sewing machine (not electric), but there was a clock behind it that was electric, with the wires exposed on it. It was touching the sewing machine, my son was sitting on the heat vent, and leaning on the sewing machine, so the electricity was going thru my son. When my mom saw him she thought he was sleeping. I was still in the tub, when I heard my mom and sister starting to panic. I jumped from the tub and ran to where they were, he was clammy feeling. I didn`t know what was wrong with him. He was not breathing.

We started to hospital with him, he did breath for a few seconds on the way, then stopped again. The ambulance met us, and took him on to hospital. When we got there, I walked in and heard him screaming.

Now my son didn`t remember that he got shocked by electricity, but here is what he remembered.

At about 3 years of age, he said he flew out a window that was torn in his Grannies living room. That he went to heaven, and there was a boy there that had a dress on. Now when he told me this I started asking him more questions, he got scared, and started to cry so I let it go for the night. The next day my sister came over, and she had my son, holding him, and asking him what he had seen. My sister had a daughter that was 12-months-old, she asked my son how old he was when this happend to him. He pointed to her daughter and said, about her age. Now my 3 year old son had never seen anything on TV that had anything to do with an experience like that, this was what happend to him when he was a 10 month old child, and he remembered it still!

We asked him how he got back to his Grannies, and he said the boy put his hand on his head and he floated back down.Thank God, for sending me my baby back.

It made me a better mom, I never take life for granted. M.


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