A Near Death Experience, No. 252.

I got Caught in a Riptide.

My whole family plus aunts and uncles were at the beach, on the oceanside, riding the waves. I got caught in a riptide, and as I spun along the bottom I realised I couldn't get up to the surface.

We are all strong swimmers, taught at a very early age since we lived on the water. I knew to let my air out slowly and I was hoping that then I would reach a point where I could pop up, only I ran out of air, and when the pain got too bad I inhaled water. I remember inhaling again and thinking, "hey I'm a mermaid" (always wanted to be one), then I saw gill slits on my throat as if I was next to myself. That's when I thought, "no, I'm a fish." Then I actually thought, "no, you are drowning" and just kept on swimming.

I had shadows around me that were people who knew me. I didn't know them. Some were family and some were not. As I flew thru a tunnel, I was hearing music and feeling the most love and peace and happiness I had ever known. I saw the glowing light and knew it was the Creator/God. I was really happy to be going. I was floating and feeling total love. I don't know how long in "time" I was under the water, but I washed up on the beach about 1/2 mile away.

I don't remember making a decision to come back. I suddenly was in a lot of pain, throwing up water. The sun was so bright I couldn't open my eyes. My uncle and parents got me back to our family beach blanket. After I acclimated to being back on the beach, I wanted to go back into the water. I told my parents God didn't want me to drown and everything was ok. I have no fear of the water, it is a comfort to me. I joke that God threw me back. He was fishing, and I was too small for him. My parents did not dismiss my experience, they just told me to not tell anyone out of fear for themselves as well as me.

I am extremely intuitive, not only about people, but places also. I actually have seen spirits/ghosts, have dreams that come true, and have a weird influence on electricity. I deal with it at work. I can fix things. I can see and hear things that others don't see or hear. My hearing has been tested as exceptional. I passed the Mensa exams, never wanted to join, just see where I fell.

I constantly feel like I am just visiting in my body, that my spirit has to have a place to keep warm, and that I'm really not all here on the physical plane. I have had other close calls with death (car wrecks), and felt "the hand of god" on me during these events, calming me, making me warm, and stopping the wreck just milliseconds, or feet, from disaster. I was able to walk away.

I get mad that I am still here, and I don't know why. I have become "depressed" they say, but no one can really help me. The last bimbo wanted me to take "bipolar" meds. I'm tired of trying to find someone to talk to who doesn't think I'm insane. If I was I wouldn't have been able to hold my job (20 yrs), own my home, and take care of all my animals, and other stray creatures (2 and 4 legged).


(This experience was spell checked and some of the copy left out that didn't pertain directly to the experience, but illustrates the changes the experience had on the individual. This individual has been contacted by those who don't think she is insane and they will respectfully discuss the experience).


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