A Near Death Experience, No. 250.

Why was I invited to visit heaven?

You don't have to be dying for a spirit to come and take you off to heaven.

If you have someone there already that wants to take you there for a brief visit then it can happen. That way you can go and visit and come back with the memory. It's nothing like as dramatic as an NDE so I daresay a lot of people that have this experience will just dismiss it as a nice dream.

NDE experiences have been reported so many reliable times that they amount to proof that we are spirits that have bodies and not the other way around.

Visiting someone's home in heaven helps makes it bearable to come back to ground level, this life, again.

Why was I invited to visit heaven?

I wondered that too as I looked around the place, this man's home there, because it just made me jealous.

The last time I saw my escort he was older than me with very little hair, a paunch and now he was younger than me with beautiful hair and I was old and grey with a paunch, so rather naturally I felt jealous and cheated and so I wondered why he had brought me there, to his home in heaven, and, because THOUGHT is everything in spirit he instantly answered and I knew that it was the repayment of a simple, easy, small gesture that I had shown him, the last time I saw him, over thirty years previously.

So, yes, it happens, and it is not at all uncommon for a person who is crossing over to the spirit world to be met and escorted away by a spirit that the dying person recognises.

I am not "religious" and definitely not christian.



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