A Near Death Experience, No. 234.

I was into Solvents.

When I was 16 years old I was into solvents and had a thing for lighter gas. It always seemed to give me the best buzz. I realise how stupid I was now and how lucky I have been so here is my story.

Anyway, one day I had bought a tin of lighter gas and a half bottle of whiskey, my younger cousin and I went to a house rented by two boys our age so it was always safe there.

I opened the lighter gas and started buzzing. Usually I would stop every 20-30 seconds to breathe and because the buzz was working, but this time I didn't stop, and the last thing I remember was my cousin asking for a go at it and me shaking my head. Then everything went black for what must have been a second but felt more like a minute or something.

I then found myself in a strange place. There was a red carpet laid out in front of me and on either side of it -- what looked like a very pale blue mist that sparkled in the light. I could not see myself only my hand (left hand) and then I could see a woman dressed in what looked like a dancing outfit. It is hard to explain because I do not know enough about the clothing she had on.

It was pretty much a pair of tight green hotpants and a green bra. (They both sparkled like glitter.) Her stomach was bare but she had stockings or tights on her legs. A big pink feather was attached to her rear, and she had a headband on, with another feather attached to it also. Her hair was wavy and shoulder length, she was also very beautiful.

I did not speak to her or try to, I was afraid and confused. Neither did she attempt to talk with me, she simply took my hand and walked me along the red carpet to what can only be described as a glass podium. On the front of it I could see a yellow triangular sign with an exclamation mark in black on the inside (almost like a danger sign or road sign). There was someone or something else present and it was standing behind the podium but I was unable to see it. I could hear what it said though and I remember it very clearly. It said "We will give him one more chance."

It did not speak directly to me but to the woman (as if I was not there at all). Then I recall coming back. I was sat in the chair I was in before, but the tin of lighter gas was gone and my cousin was asking what had happened. He seemed panicked by my unconciousness/death. Whatever.

I completely understand that what I experienced was probably due to the use of a solvent, mixed with alcohol and traces of prescription tablets and marijuana I had taken in the days leading up to it. I may not have died at all, but simply hallucinated while in some trance? I do not know. My younger cousin was inexperienced so he wouldn't have known if I was dead or not.

Near Death Experience or not, it wasn't long after this event that I decided to quit taking solvents altogether, then shortly afterwards marijuana.

If I did die and stood before God or some being then they didn't have much to say to me, they gave me no gift like I have read some NDE's have received and heaven looked more like a ballroom???? It was just surreal and I have never been able to explain it fully.

I have tried to find symbolism in what I have seen, but cannot find a thing other than the obvious -- danger sign and one sentence giving me another chance. Maybe that is all the symbolism I needed???

Anyway I thought I would share this with you all because it is different to most of the others I have read.

I did not convert to christianity or any other religion after my experience because I believe myself that it was drug induced or my brain warning me that I was messing with all the wrong substances. Whatever it was, it was right. I am grateful to whatever force it was that pushed me back in the right direction because there was no one in my real life who knew what I was doing.

So yeah. That is what happened to me 10 years ago now.

Thank you all for reading. -- M.K., Scotland


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