A Near Death Experience, No. 228.

Trying to Remember More.

Actually, I am on a quest to remember...

I remember what I used to call my 'ether dream'. I was watching myself climb a ladder to a slide. (I was 7 and a tomboy.) The slide was not on a playground but rather hanging in the air with only white surrounding everything. As I climbed I would hear the word. "NO" and then I could see the word as well. As I kept climbing the word kept flashing and getting louder and bigger. It became so loud that I woke up -- in a hospital bed -- with my mother looking at me.. I don't even remember if it was one voice or several different voices. I THINK it may have been more than one voice, but yelling 'NO' in unison.

The truth is, I am not sure it was a dream or nde. I just know that I do fit some of the post NDE symptoms, i.e., I could never understand when I was 12 and my sister was 16 that she would always ask me for advice. I had a maturity well beyond my years.

I decided to ask my mother about my (first) hospital visit. (She is 81 and not in good health.) I only remembered that she said I was in an oxygen tent for two days after surgery, and was close to dying. I didn't want my questions, to my mother, to be leading. Because she is known, by myself and my siblings, to say what she thinks we want to hear. When I asked her why I was in the hospital for so long, she told me that she could not remember. It was too long ago. However, she did remember that the hospital staff would visit me to hear about my dreams. She said they were amazed at how much detail they had. SADLY, I only remember the one dream I mentioned above. It was suggested that I try to meditate to see if that helps me to remember anything else.

If I should remember any more about the 'ether dreams' I had, I will let you know. Thanks for your web site and your reply. It is nice to talk to someone, who has an interest.

Take care, N.


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