A Near Death Experience, No. 224.

Possible NDE?

Can anyone tell me, I had a 13 day coma after a fall resulting in brain injury. I remember nothing about the accident, ambulance, the initial hospital or while in my coma. Yet, since my accident, I have read about 270 books about the afterlife, NDEs, and spirituality, etc and feel real personal enthusiasm daily by continuing to read and explore these topics in as much detail as I can muster.

Is it possible or is it not likely that I had an NDE that I might have shut out of my mind along with the trauma of the brain injury?

It is very likely you had a near death experience. Many people don't remember their experiences until some time after the fact. Some don't remember for several years. I really believe you had an experience, and at some time in the future will remember it. Keep reading the books, that's exactly what I did after my experience. They help a lot. Great to have you aboard.

Thanks a trillion Leroy,

I sure hope I will remember some day. I failed to mention earlier that I had 4 very impressive (to me) spiritually related wide-awake experiences after my accident, but I never had any experiences before my accident. It just seems that everything is so different since my accident and I can't stop thinking about caring for people and appreciating everyone more than I did before, including people I used to feel negative about. And you mentioned reading books--did you feel obsessive about them? I sure feel obsessed with looking at things very, very differently than before, and as openly as I can through reading my books which are now spread throughout my flat.

Yes, I read as many as I could get for about 12 years, but now I am content to listen and comment. I am glad for you, I wish everyone alive could have a spiritual experience, the world would be wonderful.

I would like to hear about your 4 experiences also.

I imagine my 4 experiences wouldn't be significant to others, but to me they were mind-boggling. They all happened within a period of only about 2-3 days when I was relaxing, but wide-awake:

1. A crowd of people were all crowded around a single spot and many were above others much as it would look if they were on raised and rowed benches at a place that looked like London at Buckingham Palace--a short time later, on the news, there was an event where protesters were demonstrating on a higher level at the same place, I think it was a large gate at the entrance of the palace yard.

2. I suddenly started speaking a language I have never heard, and spoke it for a period of about 3 1/2 full minutes. I don't know any foreign languages.

3. I saw a forehead in the air alone without a face or body that was brownish in skin color and had a swollen, swelling-like extrusion in the middle. There were streams of light that shot out of the forehead and gave me 4 single-word messages: peace, gentleness, love, contentment. All messages were very clear and succinct. (Representing the third or inner eye, looking within.)

4. My grandmother who crossed over at age 98 while I was in the hospital with my brain injury and coma was one day suddenly sitting on my bed in my flat -- I was able to hug her with both arms and feel her neck and shoulders and tell her "I love you". She gave me a huge very loving smile, and I felt she said "See? I know." Much like an ADC. (After Death Communication.)

Leroy, everything is different since my coma. The biggest thing is that I thought my mind was open before, but now it is looking at what I often think of as a new reality -- and to you, I want to thank you for responding in so straight a way.

Love and Hugs, Anon


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