A Near Death Experience, No. 217.

My Father's Face.

Greetings Everyone,
Here is my story which is fairly recent. This happened just last year, late autumn.

I was home with an infection of some sorts, viral or bacteria, I never really found out. My temp. had been rising throughout the day and I had extreme body aches all over. It got to the point where I just couldn't move from the couch where I was lying. I was feeling light-headed and my vision was blurry. I decided to take my temp. and it registered at 107! I felt myself slipping away. I was too weak to get up and call 911 and without panic came to realize that I was dying. I was completely at ease with the thought and felt good that my family would be financially taken care of, although I was sad for them. It is always more difficult for the ones left behind.

I was ready and began to slip into the misty light when the face of my deceased father appeared before me. He looked serene and peaceful and simply told me "you are not done yet" and that was all. His face slowly faded and my temp. dropped dramatically. I was a little disappointed as it felt like such a relief to be passing into another reality.

I am still not sure what my father meant by me not being done yet, but I know in my heart that I will find out. This came at a time when my relationship with my wife was shaky at best, and I was very unhappy with my life and welcomed death. This event, coupled with another significant spiritual adventure has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. My marriage is now better than ever, my relationship with my children is fantastic, I am happy with my career and at peace more than I can put into words.

Peace, Love and Light, S.F.


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