A Near Death Experience, No. 214.

What Happened?

I have read some of the stories on your website, but what happened to me this past Wednesday doesn't sound like those other people's experiences. I am very, very curious about what happened and am hoping you can let me know your thoughts.

This past Wednesday I went to my OBGYN to have a procedure where the doctor would be able to examine my fallopian tubes. In order to do this he had to inject fluid into them. He told me I would feel cramps, what I felt was more excrutiating pain than I have ever felt before and as a result, I passed out.

I have low blood pressure to begin with and have fainted while having blood tests before, but never before did I have any recollection of talking to anyone or meeting anyone etc.

On Wednesday while I was "out" I felt like I was in a downward spiral, there was a woman, I could not see her face because she had a cloak and a hood on but she was kind and gentle. She was pulling on my left hand telling me I had to go with her. I said, "no, it's not time for me to go with you!" I said "you tricked me, it's not my time I still have to have a baby". She just said it was time and that I had to go with her. I said "no, it's not time" and I remember grabbing onto something with my right hand to try and pull away from her. She told me again I had to go with her, I remember feeling very helpless like I did have to go with her.

The next thing I remember is my doctor standing over me, although I did not recognize him at first and was confused about where I was. He then reminded me and said that I passed out and that my blood pressure and heart rate plummetted. I asked him how much and he said, "more than I've ever seen happen before". I asked him if I almost died and he said no and I told him about the woman coming to get me and he said my mind was just playing tricks on me.

What do you think about my experience with this woman? Was this a near death experience?

Thank you! Anon.

(My thoughts are that it was a near death experience. Here we have a conversation about "going back" although it is reversed from the usual experience. Each experience is unique and intended to be a help for the person having it. The woman was kind and gentle, I think it was a good experience.)


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