A Near Death Experience, No. 210.

NDE from Drugs?

Sceptical because I was stoned, but...

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, March 25, 2004 - 05:58 pm:

A few weeks ago I was in Amsterdam and I smoked some pretty strong stuff after having a few beers. Now straight away that should be enough to account for what happened to me. But, even now, when my life has gotten completely back to normal, I can't help but feel that something significant happened.

When I was stoned my heart started to beat really fast. I tried to remain calm and bought some water, but I really wasn't feeling right at all. I told my friends I wanted to get a taxi back to our hostel, so we hailed one and got in. While in the car my heart became more and more frantic and even irregular. I was getting really scared and it got so bad that I had to stop the car and get out, where I proceeded to lie on the side of the street. My heart was pounding unbelievably hard and I began to tell one of my friends to give me cardiac massage! He sat on top of me and pounded at my chest, but the beats were becoming simultaneously harder but slower, much slower, until they seemed to come to a halt. I was saying "It's over, it's gone". Panicked, my friend was saying "What's gone?" I then said "Tell my family I love them. And I love you guys." I think there may have been a moment of blackness. There was no light, or out of body sensation, or anything, but suddenly my friends were dragging me to my feet -- I felt fine, and I was now saying "It's beautiful, it's all so beautiful, everything is going to be okay."

They took me to a local hospital, where the doctors had clearly seen it all before, and I was acting euphorically, shouting and laughing, and I remember that the way my friends were talking to me didn't seem quite right -- they were sped up and it was like they were moving backwards or something.

Now I realise that all this may just seem like a guy who was off his head on pot, but I definitely got the feeling that some force (God, perhaps?) had decided that it was not my time yet and I was to carry on and live my life the way I was supposed to. I don't quite know what that would involve -- there were specific details during my 'hallucination' or whatever, but I was told that I just needed to follow the signs which would lead me in my life.

And since I returned home and have gotten on with my life, there have been some definite coincidences and apparently synchronistic events which have meant that I can't just shake the experience off as a 'crazy trip'.

Does anyone have any opinions on this, or have they had similar experiences?

(Yes, this is a near death experience, caused by the death of the body, not by the drugs. We often hear that drugs can induce NDEs. This is false, NDEs are caused by the (near or real) death of the body. Although the experiencer doesn't remember a lot of what happened, enough is remembered to know it wasn't a drug reaction. It is common for experiencers to not remember a lot of the details, and some can't remember the experience at all until years later. If we say drugs induce NDEs, then we must also say auto crashes, heart attacks, strokes, and the numerous other ways a human can die induce NDEs also. NDEs are truly spiritual experiences and, are evidential of life after death.)


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