A Near Death Experience, No. 209.

Kept A Promise.

Very Interesting Thread here.

To Anon1: you are not alone although not as extensive as yours, I have had a few experiences of remembering.

In one such experience in a dream at night, I saw myself standing in a mist and there was another entity to my left. Behind us was a gate to another dimension. The other one said to me, "I'm going back, I still haven't learned how to LOVE Unconditionally."

I said, "well, I'm not, I need a vacation" just then that other entity to my left went poof! and disappeared. I was there for a little while longer and then I realized "ohhh heck, I gotta go back too" and poof! I woke up in my bed.

To Anon2: I too hated it here on Earth and in 1981 I hooked up a hose to my truck exhaust and climbed into my truck and started the engine and waited to die. But as I sat there I remembered I had promised God in 1972 to help his children in anyway I could if he would get me off the drugs and alcohol. I haven't had any drugs or alcohol since, but here I was about to end it all and I knew I had not been keeping my end of the bargain.

So I got out of my truck, almost passing out, crawled into the house and made some changes in my life priorities.

Today I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, 31 years sober and teach occasionally from Infinite Way and sometimes Course in Miracle books.

At any rate, I hope I'm keeping my promise to HIM. (Not to say I like it here -- I still want a vacation).

Love to you all.


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