A Near Death Experience, No. 206.

NDE Remembered.

Thanks for your interest in my work. Because I think my NDEs were, in essence, like other NDEs. I'll briefly describe my experiences because how I dealt with their after effects will serve a higher purpose by helping others, who haven't been there, to understand -- WE'RE REALLY O.K.

On July 26, 1966, I was in an auto accident and my head hit the window channel of my VW Beetle causing severe head injuries and a brain concussion. I had only a fraction of a second to react and my last thought was like my father telling me, "Well, I told you how to live and you didn't listen. Now here you are dying and you haven't begun to live." Then with an intense buzzing sound everything went black.

I then found myself looking down on a crowd gathering around the accident scene followed by a blinding flash of light that delivered me into a place of absolute peace and beauty beyond discription. There was no sense of time and I don't know how long I was there, but I could feel it begin to slip away.

I tried to hold on to it but I then found myself, again from somewhere outside of my body, looking down on the accident scene where I saw an old friend drive up and run toward my car. I then briefly regained consciousness and I could hear my friend calling my name. She put me into her car and took me to the hospital.

During my two weeks in the hospital I began to remember, long ago, being in a similar situation.

With time the memory of an earlier accident began to emerge and it became clear that I'd been THERE before.

When I was about 2 years old, I was riding in the back seat of my father's 1936 Buick that had rear doors with hinges on the back of the doors. They're called suicide doors. While the car was going about 30 mph I opened the door and the wind caught the door jerking it open with me holding to the door handle. I was thrown into the street where I landed on my head suffering a brain concussion and other injuries.

While I don't recall the physical accident I've never forgotten watching, from outside of my body, as my father picked me up from the street and put me into his car. I also remember being in the presence of The Light.

Throughout my childhood and with decreasing frequency into my teens this episode would visually replay itself but I didn't understand it's significance until I had the second NDE.

Throughout my life I've had countless OBEs and other experiences that could be described as spiritual in nature but I choose not to put labels on them because labels are limiting and these are all encounters with INFINITY.

The most powerful of these was THE KUNDALINI AWAKENING which I achieved, through meditation, in 1989. But that's another story.

Through the years, I've accumulated a wealth of empirical knowledge on this subject that I will share with the world if it will help people understand that -- THIS LIFE IS NOT ALL THERE IS.

Mike Kelley


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