A Near Death Experience, No. 205.

Ketamine Near Death Experience?

The first time I used ketamine I had no clue what was going to happen. As a group of friends we shared a large wrap, then I went to the toilet alone.

The feeling crept up on me and I slowly had a realisation that I was in fact dead. My body and mind had completely separated and I felt strangely at peace with dying, I acknowledged that it was my time and that although my family would be upset it was my time.

Of course, I didn't die!!

The next time I had a massive reaction was when I had loads, my first real k-hole. My eyes were open but I could see nothing, my friends say I was in it for about half hour although seems loads longer.

I could see myself as a mini-me sitting on a shelf looking down onto my body, then I was on a lonely planet in the galaxy, all the time I feel like the meaning of life finally clicks and I gain a kind of cosmic consciousness that even when I'm out my k-hole has changed my perception of life forever, it's such a weird drug.

I don't know if it's wrong or right and I don't use it anymore but I don't regret trying it as it opened my mind completely.

Be careful!!


(Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am glad you no longer use the drug and I hope you won't use any illegal drug.

The experience you had was not induced or caused by the drug. The drug merely shut down your body's ability to sustain life from a spiritual perspective.

Death or a serious malfunction of the body causes you (spirit) to withdraw.

This is true in all near death experiences. Otherwise it would be appropriate to say automobile crashs, heart attacks, strokes, guns, knives, etc., induce or cause NDEs. This, of course, is not true, it is the death of the body that causes the spiritual inhabitant (you) to exit, thus inducing the spiritual experience known as the NDE. The drug Ketamine works in the same manner as the above mentioned items.

Experiences with drugs can be very negative, the same as with other causes of dying and death. There are much safer ways to experience your spiritual nature, ways that are long-lasting and controlled by your thoughts.)


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