A Near Death Experience, No. 204.

Peace Within.

When I was about 4 yrs old I died. I accidentally hung myself and was not discovered until I was blue and not breathing. Since that time I have had many Spiritual Experiences, here is one such experience: In 1975 I went to a spiritual retreat in northern California. On a Saturday I attended a class called "Healing Outside of Time."

During the class I closed my eyes and meditated, All at once I was lifted out of my body, above this dimension and into another one. I was standing in a misty place and there were 3 beings there. They "gave" or passed something to me. I was not sure what but the next thing I knew I heard the class instructor say we would have an intermission and I was in my body in my seat again. I opened my eyes and walked outside the room.

As I looked at the ocean, I could "feel" myself in the ocean and the ocean in me, I could feel myself in the trees and the trees in me. What was really strange was that I could also feel the automobiles, electric wires, asphalt, buildings all of this universe inside of me. I was at One with it All. I looked around at other peoples faces and it was imposible to tell where they left off and I began. I could feel their face on mine and my face on theirs. Words do not explain this Wonderful feeling of Oneness with all Life.

There is much more to this but I cannot put it in words. However, the experience lasted for 3 days. Since that time there have been many such experiences. These days I am given things in meditation that I feel compelled to write down. I will leave you with one such message I received about Silence:


What is silence? Is silence an absence of sound? No, for I have felt the Silence while walking on a noisy, crowded avenue. Is silence an absence of thought? No, for Silence has come upon me in the middle of a movie theater even while focused on the action of the movie. What then is silence?

On a warm and lazy day, while lying in the grass and looking up at the sky; the clouds come and then move out of sight, yet the sky remains. An airplane appears and then is gone, a bird flies by and still behind all this the sky remains.

Turning the gaze inward, a thought comes and then disappears, a feeling floats by and then is gone, yet behind all this the Silence remains.

My child, you have learned to still your thoughts in order to become aware of the Silence within. Yet, I would not have you cling to the practice which led you to your inner Silence, but rather, rest in the inner Silence to which you were led. It is Silence from which you sprung forth and Silence to which you shall return, but in truth, you have always existed as the Silence. A lifetime appears and then passes away, and another, and another, yet, Silence is undisturbed.

Infinite, Eternal, the Silence of your Being, even now, beckons you home. It is the Silence of your Being that is the real “hidden manna” and now know this: I have given you a white stone, upon which is written a “new name”; Silence is that name. And no one knows saving him that receiveth it. Your real name is Silence. You are the Silence from which all Life flows. You are the Infinite Silence Itself.

At all times, in all places that appear to you, learn to rest back in the Silence of your Being; commune with that Silence, feel that Silence, know that only the Silence is Real.

Oh dear one, have I been so long a time with you and thou hast not known me? Know Me now, the Silence of your Being. Trust Me, I will never leave you nor forsake you, for in truth, I Am you.

Peace, My Peace, I give unto you. Rest now, in the Silence of Being.

Amen, Anon

(This is a beautiful experience, and it is common for near death experiencers to feel the Oneness of all things.)


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