A Near Death Experience, No. 202.

Who Is Jesus?

He is without a doubt, our Savior. Allow me to define this further. As with anyone who saves another's life from a 'hellish death'...Jesus saved us. As LOVE, in it's perfected definition, would always do...and in agreement with the Father...we were given a second chance to undo our fears of God, and to do so here on earth.

Those fears due to misconceptions and literal lies. We believe this is one of the reasons the accounts of NDE's are multiplying...and we believe they will multiply more so...giving evidence to this great LOVE the Father has for us all.

I must add that each NDE is personal...proving one has truly gone to the "otherside" is without a doubt impossible. However, the multiplying of NDE's and with the greatest majority claiming LOVE itself, and like no other, is what is always primary, and without a doubt. And this gives great evidence of the Father's LOVE, and also, of the levels which are on the other side.

We both fell in love with Jesus...that bond is solid. He taught us that we should have no fear of our Father...our Father, whom our souls had cried out for all our lives here on earth! Whose shoes Jesus cannot fill! Whose love has been so blasphemed...religion has degraded our Father...our God...beneath man's.

Our Father is accused falsely of doing what father's on earth would not even think of doing to their own beloved children...and would we in darkness be even equal to God?...let alone be above Him??? How is it that a man could call these things love to his children and if he did what he accuses God, Our Wondrous Father, of doing...would he not call these very things abusive hatred? Crimes? Deserving of imprisonment?

Jesus who showed us the Father, being our Savior took on value that is immeasurable to us. Is he to be worshipped? His purpose was clear, to return the hearts of the children to the Father. We both have said numerous times that our daughter Saved us. We have no doubt she was pre-ordained to remind us of the lessons we were given on the other side and to help us undo many things holding us in bondage from those lessons. We're personally crazy about her, too. But worship? She would be apalled. Jesus would be also.

Many save us through our lives...for many different needs...and our love is bound greater through this always. But again we do not worship others. Jesus was in agreement with the Father...to bring us back to our most tenderhearted, gentle, loving Father! Come boldly...not because one needs courage to face the Father...but that religion has so deceived us into fear of Him.

I have one, and one only, first & foremost desire upon entering the otherside again...to run and take a flying leap into My Father's arms and boldly so, regardless of what anyone else might think of this! So are you correct in what your thoughts are concerning worshipping Jesus?? I have no doubt! It just may have something to do with why I went from Jesus' arms and landed with a thud into the 'throne room'! (Sixwings)

Why, I, (sixwings11) had seen first hand that the Father was 'afar off' and I had one thing, as confused as I was, figured out...I didn't fall on my knees to Jesus! I knew He had the keys to my needs...the door...not the ROOM! That's an awesome older brother! One who is the truest friend!

-- Sixwings & Sixwings11



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