A Near Death Experience, No. 200.

Auto Writing.

Keep doing what you are doing it is really inspirational. I have a little problem, a struggle with society's war on drugs. I have been diagnosed with bipolar. I am a conservative marijuana user. I find that it opens my mind and I receive happier and spiritual thoughts. During these times I experience the most advanced spiritual thought in automatic or creative writing.

I wrote this on Sept. 18, 2001, yes I have been keeping a journal for that long. I will give you a small sample I don't want to bore you.

"Let's talk about the spiritual. It is a world that is real like this one, there are people or entities in all designs: just like us here. Getting to that realm, depends on your acknowledging and submitting to the belief. Why can't we see the spiritual world people? This is a process that comes in transitions. When we start opening up our minds to possibilities and become to embrace the unknown. Peculiar things begin to happen, not bad, but signs from the Creator that he hears you or watching you. You might even hold deep spiritual conversation with a stranger who could be an Angel. Looking for spirit we must look inside. This life force is a part of every living thing it is like a natural instinct. When we find out we inherit the Great Spirit through the act of the Creator creating us, we discover our real power. This is the real teaching of Jesus, the church has always been in us. Our entire body is blueprints tracing it back to the beginning of creation. We just forgot how to use it because of the religious tactics used today. We are taught to do everything the preacher says and not look deep into ourselves for answers. This is where the separation begins. It should be no separation because the mind, body, and spirit must learn to function as one, this is enlightenment or evolvement. This I call it the awakening the awareness attained by truth seekers. It is a bliss of love and harmony. It is like looking at a movie, but you are not in it. You can see the cause and effect of every action around you, even how it trickles down to the last drop. It is so important that we realize our actions in order to heal our planet. Love is really the only thing we must do to evolve into a more spiritual being. I do mean love unconditionally. This is the true gospel of the prophet Jesus. These are the things that are stricken from true knowledge, these are the things that empowers people spirit. Anyone can talk with God but you must be willing to accept truth."


(This is not a NDE, but is an important insight into the spiritual world. Near death experiencers see what this person writes about, it is an accurate look at spirit.)


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