A Near Death Experience, No. 196.

Believed Strongly in NDEs.

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful website I'm so glad I stumbled on to it.

Actually I've believed strongly in NDEs for a long time, because I myself had something similar happen. It happened while I was sleeping so I'm not sure whether or not I was close to death. I only know that I was extremely depressed and emotional before I went to sleep.

I had an experience like many describe in NDEs. I experienced a long tunnel, a light and an out-of-body sensation of floating toward the ceiling of my bedroom. I remember a voice speaking to my mind and asking me if I was ready to go through the wall. I said no I'm too afraid. And then I was instantly awake again, sitting right up.

I've often wondered what if I said yes, what would I have experienced? Would I have had a clearer sense of direction in life? But what it did do was change my feelings about life after death. Before I thought such notions were crutches for those too afraid of death. I felt a wonderful sense of love and protection in the tunnel which I'll never forget. I don't think the sceptics can easily explain the sensation of love away.

Anyway, despite the experience, I still often suffer from depression. I often feel like a lost soul treading water with no land in sight. But your website has given me such an incredible sense of peace. Your site has some of the most loving and generous entries I've ever read. The story "Deke - a love story", Words of Wisdom by Michael and the poem "The Dash " all made me cry. I like the music, the format, ... everything! Just when I think I've read most of it, another threshold opens filled with more goodness and love. And I carry the Affirmations with me everywhere.

It truly is lovely
Thanks again, all the best


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