A Near Death Experience, No. 195.

Saw My Best Friend.

I have always thought of myself an average man, secure in his self. I have had my share of good and sin.When I was in the army, I was stationed in Germany. I learned there that I had a taste for the local spirits. I drank every weekend all weekend long.

Well, here we are, along the Rhine river, a few of us were out having a good ole time. Well, I had way to much to drink and I passed out, or at least I thought I passed out. I thought I must be dreaming when I saw my best friend Eddie. He had killed himself when we were 17. He told me that I was gonna be with him real soon.

I woke up and I was in the emergency room in a German hospital. There were many doctors around me and I later learned I was there for 5 days, in a coma. An alcohol induced coma.

I was floored by this and I have done this two more times in the course of 2 years in Germany. I have had my blood alcohol level of .425 and clinically dead each time. It really scared the hell out of me. Needless to say I have not drank since.

R. from Tacoma.


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