A Pre-Birth Experience, No. 193.

My Pre-Birth Experience.

My boyfriend says it's impossible to have memories before you have a brain, but I'm here to tell him and anyone else who wants to listen that there is life before you're born.

I remember being in heaven.

The whole place was lit up with a very bright light, illuminating from everywhere.

I remember I was sitting on a white wooden swing next to a woman who was to my right. She seemed like a mother figure to me, (but since when you're in heaven everyone is connected, it could have just been that.)

I remember looking down at my legs as we where swinging gently and thinking I must be about 5 years old. Although in my mind I felt to be an adult and much more intelligent that a 5 year old should be. As we sat swinging I could see people sitting around on the ground relaxing and talking happily.

There was a huge gate made of white shiny swirled stone trimmed in gold straight ahead and to my right. In front of the gate there was a giant palm tree that was even taller than the gate and quite big in circumference.

Leading up to the gate and in front of where I was sitting was a long gold path. The path was as smooth as glass with the depth of water on a calm day.

Also to the right hand side of the gold path there where people sitting on what looked to be the freshest baby green grass. There was about four of them. They where just relaxing like myself and the woman next to me.

Then I saw God, and he was wearing white robe. We all saw him walking down the gold path, and everyone turned to look, we knew he was coming to me.

Everyone was watching now, and I felt so proud. When he stopped to stand in front of me, he just looked at me and without words I knew I was going to be born.

It was a mutual understanding, all without a word being spoken. I felt as if this was the moment. I could feel everyone's excitement and I was ready.

Then I remember panicking and thinking to myself that I didn't want to forget heaven.

I knew where I was going to be (in the flesh) and I knew how easy it was to forget heaven while in the flesh, and I sat there trying to remember every moment. Looking around me and taking in what I could as quickly as I could, all while telling myself never to forget.

I felt that for me to forget heaven was shameful, how could I? It seemed impossible, but I knew many people did forget heaven and I wasn't going to let myself forget. Although I knew that's just the way it was supposed to be. I was planning to remember no matter what the cost. It was just SO IMPORTANT to me. All I could think was, it's real now but just like a dream I could see myself waking and wondering one day if what I saw was true. And it made me feel so bad inside knowing that is was possible to forget. I just couldn't allow myself…I couldn't…

Then I felt God looking proudly upon me, and I knew then that he would not let me forget heaven. I felt as though he believed he had made a good choice in sending me here. I felt as though he had something planned through me but I didn't know what it was although I know it was something he had given great thought to, and was happy with his choice in me. I plan to never let him down.

I know I may not have conveyed this message of heaven as well as it was.

I don't believe anyone could do heaven justice with mere words, but believe me when I tell you it is real.

If you are alive and reading this now YOU HAVE BEEN TO HEAVEN. You couldn't be here otherwise. I know how easy it is to forget, but it's such a wonderful fantastic place.

I wish you could remember before you die. I know after death you'll say to yourself. “It is here!!” You'll feel so at one with the world, life, and totally at peace. Everything will make perfect sense and some of you will wonder why you found it so hard to believe in the first place.

Earth, and the flesh that once was will become like the dream heaven is to you now. You'll finally be home, and that something you've always looked for will finally be found.

Even if you don't believe me now, I KNOW you will be there again some day and you WILL BELIEVE. You'll wonder how you could have ever forgotten.

BTW: I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove all that I have stated above is the truth to the best of my memory.



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